Star Wars: Forgotten shooter returns with signs of life

Hardly a franchise gets as many games like Star Wars. At ResPawn Entertainment alone are currently three Star Wars Games in Development. Since you can already lose the overview. Or are you still remembering Star Wars: Hunters?

Star Wars: Hunters receives new content

The Free Arena Shooter Star Wars: Hunters only appears in the course of the year, but already the scope of the game has been enlarged. Thus, two new characters, two new maps and a “new” game mode were revealed (Source: Gamespot).

The new figures are the Rodian cartel doctor Skora and the Mon Calamari Sprocket . While Skora can heal as a doctor’s ally, Sprocks as a technical ass a crowd of droids on his opponents. You can see an optical initial impression of Skora and Sprocket here:

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer
“Star Wars” veterans can continue to look forward to the return of Huttball . The game mode is originally from Star Wars: The Old Republic and is re-launched for Star Wars: Hunters. However, in an adapted form, how developers Jeff Hickman betrayed. Fans from the original should now feel at home.

For game mode, there will be the new map Dusty Ridge. Also new: The Map The Great Hunt. On this card, the players transport a huge harpoon from A to B. similar to how to know that from the Escort missions with Oververt.

Some countries can start Star Wars: Hunters already play

When exactly Star Wars: Hunters will appear for the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS systems, is still unclear. Only the year is fixed: 2022. However, in some countries, including India, Brazil and Mexico, there were already a software for mobile devices . A final release date should not be able to wait too long anymore.

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