Elden Ring Survey: You want to play all Jin from Ghost of Tsushima

Soon that has a finest end and you can fall into the gloomy world of Elden Ring. But before the slaughter can go right, you must first create a character and, similar to the Dark Souls Games, you will have to decide for a class.

We wanted to know in our survey of you, which of the 10 classes for you in the first run is at the top of the front – and you have a clear favorite.

Which classes there are and where your strengths are, we reveal you in this guide:

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Elden Ring: All 10 classes and which is suitable for you


With this class you start in elden ring

A total of 4,855 of you (as of February 22, 14:00 clock) have participated in the survey and chosen the class that are most interested in the start. Here is the result:

  • Samurai (28%, 1,368 votes)
  • Astrologer (13%, 643 votes)
  • VAGABOND (12%, 579 votes)

Watch This Before you Play Elden Ring!
* WRETCH (10%, 483 votes)
* confessor (9%, 413 votes)
* Warrior (8%, 396 votes)
* Prisoner (7%, 335 votes)
* HERO (6%, 308 votes)
* Prophet (4%, 184 votes)
* Bandit (3%, 146 votes)

With 28%, almost a third of you want to start with the Samurai class in the first run. Thanks to the good values ​​for condition and skill, you are well positioned in the temporary melee but also in ranging with the sheet well.

The second and third place on the pods close one behind the other with the astrologers as a magical class (12%) and the vagabond as a classic carcass with good skill value (12%). At fourth place follows with Wretch a class, which starts without armor, but also all atributes to 10 has.

On the exhausted last squares with just 4 and 3 percent of the voices, however, the prophet and bandit frolic, who probably appeal to you.

Everything worth knowing about the classes and more can be found in the video:

That says the community

In the comments, you have also betrayed us a bit more about your choice. Not all of you are sure to go with which class it should start, other planning as a precautionary ever runs to try out everything.

The Samurai class finds particularly through her style. Ghost of Tsushima greetings?! For Robbnirra she should at least the feeling of Sekiro transferred to Elden Ring:

Samurai! In the hope of at least a bit of Sekiro Vibes to get the fight.

But the Wretch, who lands in the vote only in 4th place, is particularly love with Souls veterans. Not only, because you can choose this character at will, like -I mind notes, but also for the extra crisp entry. Otherwise it is not hard enough for Horsthermann:

Wretch, makes me the most fun when you have to work out every item πŸ™‚

For a long time it does not take it until we can really let ourselves in Elden Ring by the boss grey. On February 25, the game appears. When you can start with the Preload on PlayStation and Xbox, we reveal you in our dedicated article. What you would still have to know about the release of Elden Ring, you will find in our release hub.

At this point again many thanks for your numerous participation!

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