The update 29 of State of Decay 2 introduces graphic revisions and more

Undead Labs and Xbox Games Studio exit state of decay 2 in 2020 as a result of the resounding success of State of Decay. Since then, companies have published a ton of updates and content for the game. The update 29 is one of the most important updates of the game for some time because it promises graphic revisions for three Maps and many other changes for fans’ pleasure. State of Decay 2 is currently available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. It is currently priced at US $ 29.99.

Drucker County, Meagher Valley and Cascade Hills have been the subject of a graphic redesign with significant changes. In addition, players can now define their field of view in the parameter menu and heavy weapons now destroy fences. In addition, the sky and nocturnal lighting have been adjusted and foliage and rocks have been improved. View points have been introduced into the cards to give players a new view.

In addition to these major changes, developers have made additional improvements to the quality of life of various game elements. These elements include the environment, graphics, gameplay, missions and user interface. The team will also continue to make improvements and adjustments to the game in future updates.

State of Decay 2 is a fantastic survival game in open world where players must rebuild society after a Zombie Apocalypse. Each decision taken has an impact. Players must decide where to settle, how to strengthen their community and is part of the team. The multiplayer options in cooperation make the experience even better.

Update 29 Graphical Overhaul, FOV Slider and Other Changes Coming To State Of Decay 2
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