The festival dedicated to the 25 years of Persona will begin on May 28 in Japan

Could This Be A Potential Announcement Regarding The Persona 25th Anniversary???
Operation Persona 25th continues at Atlus, who recall promised a succession of more or less noticeable announcements and animations around his franchise until the end of the year 2022. Today, the Japanese publisher confirmed That a festival will take place at Tokorozawa’s Sakura Town Cultural Center.

Open from May 28 to July 10, this Persona 25th Fes will allow visitors to plunge into the world of franchise by visiting the Anime Museum, which will pay tribute to the emblematic places portrayed in the different episodes of the series, under the eyes. from Thanatos, Izanagi and Arsene, reproduced in the form of a life-size statue. Of course, count on atlude to sow a maximum of derivatives on site and to put the entire Sakura Town complex with the colors of Persona.

The official website and the Twitter account of the event will not fail to guide future visitors. For us, however, this festival should not give places to particular ads. And if Teddy will be back in April for the next issue of his bulletin Persona 25th Times, let us remember that if herself is, atreus, will probably keep it until the Grand Final of this fall.

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