“MGSV” That doctor was a model of “NAVITIME”! Kojima supervision reveals the back story of “good or calm and listen”

The game designer · Kojima director is responsive to the game designer and Kojima Hideo with the Net Meme “ Good, calm and calm ” recently. The doctor’s model that appears in this scene reveals that the image character of “Navitime”.

This netmeme is the beginning of the opening scene of “Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain”, which Orikushima was engaged. A “Venom Snake” awakened at the hospital is heard that the doctor has been in a coma and violently upset.

In the netmeam, “ Good, calm down and listen. The New Year holiday is over ” and “ Good, calm down.” The new work of “○ series” announced It was used to tell “such a thing happened while you know”, such as “.

Kojima recognizes this netmeaming recently, since many images of this scene are sent. He introduced the secret story of this scene, he revealed that the doctor’s model is an image character of “Navitime”.

By the way, I’m playing an image character, Mr. Ian Moore, a British actor. He has been working on Japan and has appeared in various works such as TV drama and movies. If it is said, I felt a face. The atmosphere is likely to approach the glasses.

While the model’s true identity, the intention and back story scattered in this scene are also a must-see. Based on the commentary of the Kojima Director, how about retreating this scene?

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