NBA Voting: Do the Los Angeles Lakers even miss the play-in

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In a season, which does not lack the top points, it has given the next neck strike for the Lakers in the night on Friday. Lebron James and Co. have come against the clippers completely under the wheels. What do you mean: misses L.a. Now even the play-in tournament?

At the end of a gloomy evening stood for the Los Angeles Lakers a 111: 132 swatter against the city rivals to beech – including an embarrassing 18: 40-neighborhood in the third round, in which purple and gold did not bring a single point on the scoreboard over five minutes and a 23: 2 run conceded.

The mood of the Lakers seems to be close to the low point in a disappointing season. Instead of starting an attack on the last secure playoff rank in the West after the All-Star weekend, the Lakers lost four games in a row. In 2022 they are at a balance sheet of 9-16.

Seen over the complete season, the Lakers now have 27 victories and 35 defeats, which is enough for later nine in the Western Conference. The lead in Portland Trail Blazers is only two games, behind it also lurk the Spurs and Kings.

So do the Lakers even miss the play-in tournament? We want to know your opinion: If the crash of the Lakers continues or can Lebron and Co. can save himself in place seven to ten and thus in the play-in tournament? App User here!

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