Seoul Hackers 2 release decision for the first time in 25 years! By the way, what kind of game is Devil Summoner?

I was a university student, and I did not have a playstation yet, and I said that my friend’s f-kun was passing Sega Saturn Body and some software. “You should do this.” He doesn’t really understand why he came to such action, but it’s crazy from that day, “ Panzard Lagoon ” and “ Grandia ” I often remember that Sega Saturn’s masterpiece was playing around the night. And, among them, “ Devil Summoner He is Seoul Hackers “.

This is about 25 years ago. And it was announced that the sequel “ Seoul Hackers 2 ” will be released on August 25, 2022. Hard is PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows, Steam.

I remember the furious nostalgia, but conversely, there may be few people who do not know at all because of the sequel of the software released a long time ago. “ Devil Summoner ” series, “Seoul,” that is also different impression, which is the spin-off of the same “ Shin-Goddess Tensei ” series, and even more impressions, “Seoul I would like to introduce you to hackers.

Soul Hackers 2 - Announcement | PS5, PS4

# ■ Hard-boiled true · goddess tungee spin-off

I’m a little bitome for those who don’t know, but “Seoul Hackers 2” is the sequel of “Devil Summoner Seoul Hackers”, and “Devil Summoner Seoul Hackers” will be the second work of the Devil Summoner series.

If you look at the starting point of the Devil Summoner series, is it good to be a hard-boiled “true / goddess tense”? The first “Shin-Goddess Transvestival Devil Summoner” released in 1995 was a devil Summoner that the hero is a private detective, and the devil involved in summoning and solving the devil. To be precise, the main character was a general person, but it is killed in the form to be caught and loses the body, and it will be a person who is a private detective devil Summoner . The hero is also a private detective, and it was a work that has a boy’s heart, such as calling a devil using a gun type computer “GAMP”.

Game systemically, basically followed the “Shin-Goddess Tensei” series, but there are different points. One of the characteristic systems has loyalty, and even if the devil is a direct-sector, it was only a simple command if the loyalty was low, and in some cases it was not possible to follow the instruction. On the other hand, I was able to combine the devil in a doll called Dolly Kadomon and make it my faithfulness. This is called “Devil”, and it is a special tribe specific to the Devil Summoner series. In addition, the devil is also a history of “Heroes” through a heroine under a specific condition. You did not think of the devil who can not think, and the existence like the artificial devil who can do it as it is.

The facilities that are the “Devil Summoner” series unique to the “Devil Summoner” series are prepared for the “Devil Summoner” series, which is the “Devil Summoner” series, which is the “Devil Summoner” series, which is the “Devil Summoner” series, which is the “Devil Summoner” series, which is a velvet room of “Shin, Goddess Tensei” and the “Persona” series velvet room, is also prepared for “Devil Summoner” series. Men’s men who were half vampire called Victors were Lord and the surface was operated as a hotel. The Emperor Magica and Victor have changed the shape after that and appear in each series of “Devil Summoner”. There may be many people who look forward to the appearance of “Seoul Hackers 2”.

# ■ Future of Technology × Devil Seoul Hackers

“Seoul Hackers” will be the second work of the Devil Summoner series. The “Devil Summoner” series has been released after that, but this “Seoul Hacker’s 2” is the direct sequel of “Seoul Hackers”. The main character is a member of a hacker group called “Spoo Keys”. The stage is the model city of the “Next Information Urban Policy”. And “paradigm X” in the virtual city operated in Amami City.

When the story goes on, the main character will be aware of the conspiracy of the Samana’s organization called Phantom Society. This is true for other works, but in the “Devil Summoner” series, the conspiracy of evil samners called Dark Summoner is drawn with color darkness. As the title, “Summoner” is one of the large axes of the story.

“Seoul Hackers” is a hard-boiled style of the previous work, taking into the world’s view of the near future SF and draws the story of the digital world. Virtual cities on the Internet “Paradigm X” is a thing such as Metaverse if you say this.

“Seoul Hacker’s” was released in 1997, and Windows 95 has spread of PCs, and it is time when the Internet began to be common. Since I was in Sega Saturn, my online game was hardly spread, and most of the virtual space was the most of the people. On the contrary, it is a time that is difficult to watch videos on the internet.

Originally “Shin, Goddess Tensei” series, even more from the “ Digital Devil Monogatari Kejinchi Tensei ” that can be said to be the origin from the Digital Summoner’s RPG, the Digital and Devil’s RPG to summon the devil by the devil, Seoul Hacker’s was a work that drew a digital future. At that time, this digital future was not cool.

# ■ Connection of past work and “Seoul hackers 2”

According to the official site, “Seoul Hackers 2” is “New Hard Boyd RPG” and “The Story of People and Technology” It is likely to be a new work that inherits the world. Looking at the published PV or official site, the overall impression may be stylish and there may be people who recall the “Persona” series. On the other hand, gun-shaped COMPs are probably considered GAMP, and the existence of tissue phantoms sosieties and yataglasses of Devil Summoner.

As mentioned above, Phantom Society is an organization that appeared in “Seoul Hackers”, but Yata Glass is the “Devil Summoner” series, which was released after “Seoul Hackers”, It is a summerty organization that appears in “ Devil Summoner Otoha Ridou vs. Avadon “. These series are a story that draws the Taisho period, but “Seoul hackers 2” is also a feeling of connection with the “Otoha Ridou” series by the existence of Yata Glass.

The series depicting the future of digital futures 25 years ago is what you show that the future is getting closer to reality? Nostalgic people, Seoul hackers are the first time to enjoy.

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