The House of the Dead Remake hantera bientôt la Switch

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD: Remake || Nintendo Switch Trailer 2022

After Panzer Dragoon, Forever Entertainment continues to revitalize the old licenses of SEGA by preparing the release of a remake for The House of the Dead. Good news for the owners of Switch, The House of the Dead Remake now has an exit date, well stalated on April 7. As the name suggests, this is a smoothed and corrected version of the 1997 arcade game, which has come to be grafted from the changes of gameplay to modernize the game beyond the packaging. Amateurs of Rail Shooter will be able to embark on local multi-to-two players, to target for many purposes for the program. We will find a photo mode, successes in-game, a gallery that lists the enemies and boss_boss, and a new mode of play that overwhelms you under the hordes of non-deaths. Note that the pre-orders will open on March 31. Trailer ## The House of the Dead Remake – SWITCH trailer

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