Where to find the painting “Instinct of the homing” in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is sometimes difficult to find paintings. “ Attendance instinct Picture is one of the easiest to track, and it can be found in the starting area of ​​the game Limgrave . The exact location where the players need to go, is artist’s hut . It can be found, following the road to the north of the basement Ruins of the route point, where there is a place of grace, and then continuing the movement right when the road turns to the east. The picture can be found inside, sitting on the easel.

Elden Ring Homing Instinct Painting Guide

What are you doing with pictures in Elden Ring?

Pictures in Elden Ring will act as garbage hunting. As soon as the picture is found, it will give the players a prompt about the location of the award. Follow the tips of the paintings and the picture at a specific point on the map and get a reward at the end.

Players will look for no place in the picture, but the place from which the picture itself was drawn. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the prompts, but the award is usually worth the effort.

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