Clash Royale: Supercell will celebrate the sixth anniversary over high with different gifts

Six years have passed since Clash Royale was launched on our phones. The lasting of the title is still expressed today, while the game goes through a second golden age, thanks in large part to the YouTubers and Streamers, who have returned to enjoy the Magna Construment of Supercell. For us the players, this anniversary is a key moment to _Farmear resources and letters. Supercell is usually very generous when the logo game of it turns off the candles, and there is no reason for that to change.

a free emoticon in the store

Even before the start of the anniversary season, Supercell gives us a small gift completely free. The emoticon of the tenth anniversary, which presents a spirit of fire , can be collected for free at the game store. Do not miss this opportunity to enrich your collection of emits.

What to expect from season 33?

As of Monday, March 7, the 32 season known as “The Lava Hound” will come to an end, and will give way to season 33: “ Real Birthday “. It will be particularly necessary to monitor the offers of the store and the challenges page during this period, since it is likely that the Finnish company will be generous with the players!

The Dataminers account of CRLEAKS has already obtained information about the battle pass 33.

The new emoticons

  • Heal Spirit Healered-by-Love: Emote to get through the battle pass
  • Aspect of the tower: can be obtained through the battle pass
  • Common magic book: can be obtained at the free battle pass
  • Pulse map of season 33: Dark Prince
  • Electro Spirit Mustache: Emote to recover through a next challenge

How to get 5 FREE Emotes in Clash Royale! #shorts

Above all, do not forget to properly park the birthday challenges that will appear during the season. They are usually extremely profitable and / or gratuitas.

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