Rumor: BVB change for Werner an “attractive option”

Does Timo Werner go back to the Bundesliga? Allegedly, Borussia Dortmund is interested in the striker of the FC Chelsea. And also Werner itself can obey a return to Germany very well. The decision could fall in the next few weeks.

With 91 goals and 42 templates in 222 Bundesliga games for the VfB Stuttgart and RB Leipzig, Timo Werner fell into the focus of the European football elite. After changing the FC Chelsea in the summer of 2020, however, the German international to this outstanding quota could no longer build on this outstanding quota: In London, there are so far once seven hits (46 missions) in the Premier League. With Borussia Dortmund a German club should now hope, Werner allegedly plagues homesickness.

According to information from “” Werner sees a return to Germany as an “attractive option”. One of the reasons: He has still not settled in London even after 1.5 years. Therefore, according to the report in the coming weeks, a meeting with his consultant and responsible for the blues is planned. If the conversation did not run on request, Werner could actually think about a change to Dortmund, so the portal.

Suitable for this was “Sky” last reported that in the business premises of BVB, at least at least about Werner think. Accordingly, no “concrete negotiations” have yet took place, with its enormous speed and at least in the Bundesliga, Werner, however, in the request profile of the black-yellow, says.

However, “Sky” does not just call small hurdles that could stand in the way to a transfer of the 25-year-old to BVB. With a year salary of around 16 million euros, Werner at the Blues currently collects about four million euros more than BVB top earners Marco Reus, and Chelsea should basically not be dissatisfied with Werner’s achievements and not exactly forcing a transfer.

Transfer to the BVB should scare

According to the report, the Mannen from the English capital should basically be open to talks, but Werner have wrestled a lush price tag of 40 million euros. Allegedly too much for the BVB, the “not more than 30 million euros plus bonuses” should throw in the ring.

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Small plus: Werner consultant Volker Struth is not an unknown in Dortmund. Struth also represents Niklas Sule, who changes from FC Bayern to Borussia after the season.

The time does not sit in the neck of the FC Chelsea: Werner’s contract ends only in the summer of 2025.

“Sky” expert Dietmar Hamann does not believe that Werner fulfills it. “So far, it’s a bit of a misunderstanding between Chelsea and Timo Werner,” explained the German ex-national player a few days ago. “It would be wondering if he stays out over the summer in London.”

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