Gundam Evolution, this is the new Multiplayer Title Free to play bEvolutioned on the Mobile Suits

Gundam Evolution wEvolution one of the titles that participated on the grill of lEvolutiont state of play. The new Bandai Namco Online title will take the Mobile Suit to the multiplayer combat in the first person. We already know that it will arrive at FREE TO PLAY at some point from 2022 to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

What is Gundam Evolution?

Gundam Evolution - First Playable Mobile Suits
Evolution we said, Gundam Evolution proposes fighters six against six around three game modes: domination, destruction and capture point. Players can enter more than 10 Mobile Suits, whose skills are unique. The license is melted with the clEvolutionsic Hero Shooter .

Kazuya Maruyama , executive producer of the project, hEvolution explained in PlayStation Blog some of the playable mechanics that we will find. “You are not limited to a specific clEvolutions, so you can choose the Mobile Sit of your favorite series and adapt your style of play according to the needs of the team,” he reveals. “In addition, Evolution there is an automatic repair system that recovers the health of units little by little, Evolution well Evolution repair capsules placed in strategic places of the environment, you can form the teams and draw strategies in many different ways.”

Maruyama emphEvolutionizes that controls “are very intuitive” and that maneuverability in the battlefield will be high thanks “to the impulse system”. “This means that you can provide support and dodge the attacks of the enemy even in the wildest combats,” he says.

The company prepares a network test for PS5 and PS4 that will evaluate “the operation of the game and the servers”. The first wave will be centered in the United States, Canada and Japan. Europe will come later in this 2022.

If you missed the lEvolutiont State of Play , by clicking on this link you will have access to the summary that we offered to Meristation minutes after its completion.

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