Destiny 2: One-time change of bungie

How To Change Your Destiny 2 Display Name For Free - Change Your ID - ONE TIME CHANGE

With the introduction of cross-play, bungie names in Destiny 2 were introduced at the time. The name can therefore be different from your Xbox Gamer Day, for example, if you had changed it in retrospect again. While you can change your GAMERTAG at any time at any time, the bungie name has not yet been possible. From today, keepers will change their bungie name unique and free. As the developer announced, a hotfix for Destiny 2 is played at 6:00 pm. Afterwards, one will give all players the unique opportunity to adapt the bungie name to match Gameradt and the name of your guards or guardian. Unless you want that. For adaptation you just log in today after 18:00 with your account on

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