Encope Cell Grander s sale

Engagement (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyun Ho) announced on the 14th that the multiplatform MMORPG ‘Grand Saga’ is developed and served.

The ‘Grander’ ‘s artbooks are made in limited quantities, ▲, ▲, ▲, ▲, ▲, and concept art, such as artifacts and concept art ▲ Unpublished artwork and sketch ▲ special comments on design intentions. I raised.

In addition, when purchasing the artbook, it is presented with a total of six kinds of popular grandwyl and artifacts, and the representative character ‘ceriad’ limited edition Costume character ‘ceriad’ limited edition of Costume and limited edition artifacts and items in the game (3,000) And provide.

The Art Book of ‘Grander’ is a smart store, from the Naver Smart Store to April 4th, on April 4, and will be shipped from April 5, and according to the first-come, Case (iPhone 11 · 12 · 13 series limited) 200 pieces.

An official official said, “The Art Book, who was released by the Grander’s worldview planning and design philosophy,” said Encap Cell, said, “” Artbook sales proceeds planned to be donated for vulnerable groups that have difficulty in Corona 19. “

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Meanwhile, ‘Grand Saga’ has been released in January last year as the first project developed by Enpell, and has led to a positive evaluation of users in Korea and Japan through the graphics of high perpendicular illustrations and animated enlargement.

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