Xbox Insider reveals dates for future Xbox events

On March 16, fans can expect a new Xbox Games Showcase, which will include updates, progress and gambling sequences for several independent games that are currently under development. Those are exciting news to wait in the coming days, but some fans are already wondering what the future can hold. Shpeshal Nick, outstanding Xbox member, recently published in the Xbox Era Forums that Microsoft plans to perform great events in May and September. As with any flight, fanatics should take this cautious until we receive official Xbox news.

“The current plan for what they told me was a show for May and another for September.

I did not get more details than that.

Yes, before you ask, I also found it strange to say May, when June is there as the normal place of E3 “. Shpeshal Nick writes.

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As Shpeshal Nick points out, it seems hard to believe that Xbox is planning a great event a month before E3 begins. While the company has not made advertisements about E3 at this time, Xbox has continued to support the industry show, even after some companies withdrew or changed attention to another part. It is possible that Xbox is away from E3, or that this May event is smaller before the great show.

Xbox has a series of important games scheduled to launch this year, including CaRA, and Steler_Camp. _ REDAGE Currently does not have a confirmed launch date, but _ Steler_Camping will not be launched until November. The fans are likely to wait a little longer to hear about the latter, and it seems likely that we can find more information on E3 or during an event in May. For now, Xbox fanatics will only have to continue waiting patiently to see what the future holds them. Hopefully, the Xbox Games Showcase on Wednesday will have a lot to help the fans in the meantime!

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