Changing regulations for online games in China

As a measure against net dependence of non-minus years, China’s Cyber ​​Space Management Bureau (CAC) announced a new regulatory proposal to online games, and South China Morning Post reports.

In September 2021, even in September 2021, an institution NPPA that monitors games and online media has been restricted from 8:00 to 9:00 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. rice field. However, a reporting continues to report that a minor net user is overwhelmed by “Throwing”, such as “Throwing”, etc., “Throwing Exchange”, etc. We have established a further enhancement plan for further regulation.

China restricts online gaming to 3 hours per week | DW News
“Protection of universal internet literacy and personal information, prevention of internet addiction”, specifically, use for all online service providers, content restrictions, content restrictions, online shopping You will be prompted to implement the “Youth Mode” where you can apply the upper limit to the amount you can do.

Regulation applies only online service providers. It also applies to hardware companies that manufacture and sell mobile devices and computers, and can not be shipped unless access restriction software is installed. According to Reuters, some Chinese companies such as streaming platform tencents and IQIYI seem to have already introduced the “Youth Mode” system for minors.

However, the impact of strengthening this time is the largest game company in China, a 10% decline in China’s largest game company at March 14, and the live delivery platform’s Biribiri falls 19% and related companies in the Hong Kong market We have been hit by stock prices.

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