Lost Ark: New Omen Skins provide displeasure

The big patch on March 11, 2022 not only brought for Lost Ark not only the new abyss Raid Argos, the Kadan quest series or the race for the Grand Prix of Arkesia. There were also new costumes for all classes. In the patch notes it was concrete: “omen-skin was added to the shop in the game. These cosmetic items can be purchased until the publication of the April Update for Royal Crystals.

The new Omen skins in detail

You will find the new costumes in the Lost Ark shop, in the category Skins. In concrete terms, you can acquire the following packages:

  • Package: omen (costume and weapons skin) – for 2,400 royal crystals
  • Package: Skin Set: Omen (costume only) – for 2,000 royal crystals
  • Weapon Skin: Omen (Weapon Skin Only) – for 650 Royal Crystals
  • Special Package: Omen (Costume, Riding, Background “Omen” and Weapon Skin) – for 3,800 Royal Crystals

To classify: For 2,200 royal crystals you have to pay 19.99 euros. For 9.99 euros there are 1,000 royal crystals. Who invests 49.99 or even 99.99 euros, receives 5,759 or 12,000 royal crystals.

Source: Grand Prix Lost Ark: The Omen-Skin for Warrior. Source: Grand Prix Lost Ark: The Omen-Skin for Battle Monks.

In fact, after the launch, there was a whole series of players who wanted to know if and when Amazon Games will offer new skins in the shop for sale. One reason for this: For some classes, there was a lot more choice of skins than others, and these costumes not only make a lot of a lot (sometimes more, somewhat less), they also grant their carrier also bonus such as wisdom, courage, charisma or kindness. The skin-set omen of the greed grants about 5 courage, 40 charisma and 25 kindness. The full “dark omen” set will take you with 15 wisdom, 5 courage, 40 charisma and 10 kindness.

Is the pay2win or not?


Since the publication of the Omen skins, it has been discussed on Reddit, in the forum and in the official discord heaty ~~ Discorted ~~. For example, the one group annoys that they are forced to buy skins when they want to get the maximum out of their characters. Finally, these bonuses are quite sufficient, for example with relationships with NPCs. Here also the Pay2Win term is always.

A second group rather criticizes the design of the new skins or the fact that there are only a few skin variants. And then we still have group number 3, which is happy about the new skins, has already left the shop in the shop and the bonuses on the items will be happy to take. Oh, and of course, players can also be found everywhere, whom the whole of Tohuwabohu does not matter. Which group does you hear?

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