WMADID, sales of 560.6 billion won → Corrected by W337.2bn

WMADIDI was revised by W560.4bn at W337.2bn at W337.2bn. I change the benefits of the wemids that have been controversial.

LG Electronics fourth quarter profit fell, sales rose; share price fell

On the 16th, the wemade has made sales correction. In 2020, the changed sales of WMADID is 337.2 billion won and operating profit is W100.9bn and net profit is 307.1 billion won. Operating profit is W325.8bn and net profit is W485.1bn. As a result, sales increased by decline in sales growth in the previous year and 167.2% in the past 344.1% growth.

WIMEIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDIDENED was explained that the accounting method for the fusting of the umbrella is changed in the external audit process after the initial disclosure. “

WMADID Financial Statements The cash and cash capacity part of the cash have increased by 548% to W273.6bn in 2021, from W42.1bn.

In addition, the WMADID is a member of the Han Seung-soo, a professor of Business College of Management, as an outside director. This is because of the associated accounting of the block chain. “Recently, a recent wemade focuses on metabus business associations in linking games and blocks, and has been faced with difficulties due to the legislation and related regulations on the block chain.” As an expert, based on expertise and insight on accounting fields, we judged that the issues currently facing the issues facing the currently designed and advice, and the expertise in this candidate is a solid based on the board operations and It is expected that it would be. “

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