Steam: Star Wars fans annoy over broken subscription

On Steam, Star Wars fans can purchase various subscription offers for the popular MMORPG The Old Republic. Although the subscriptions have sold well, they are now overflowed with negative reviews – for good reasons.

Steam’s subscription deals for Star Wars: The Old Republic Through a turbulent phase: While the subscriptions were represented for the popular MMORPG just pretty much up in the Steam Topseller charts, are now overwhelmed with negative reviews . The fans are sour – because the subscriptions do not work for many players at all.

Why Are Some Star Wars Fans So Toxic?! STOP!

Steam: Abos for MMORPG provide shitstorm

Star Wars: The Old Republic is on and for themselves free-to-play, but whoever will enjoy various DLCs or wants to develop his character to level 80 , requires one of the subscriptions (available in 30, 60, 90 and 180 days).

These subscriptions can be bought on steam, but their recent reviews are desastrous: the reason for this is that players ordered the subscriptions and paid for it, but apparently are not correctly linked to their player account . Thus, the purchase of the subscription brings no longer fun game fun on Steam, but simply causes frustration and trouble. (Source: Steam)

Star Wars fans stay back with blank hands

Because of these huge problems, the recently left 132 Steam reviews for the DLC subscription to Star Wars: The Old Republic extremely negative off and draw the overall rating of the offer to “mostly negative” down.

The players complain in the comments that they have spent money for nothing because the subscription is not displayed in your account even after several times trials and registrations. Also wait and contact the customer service does not help, according to the comments. Star Wars fans should do this at least a bow around the subscription at Steam . Instead, in the meantime, you can buy the subscription directly on the website of Star Wars: The Old Republic. (Source: Star Wars the Old Republic)

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