GTA Online for PS5: Look good, Undot friend!

Developer Rockstar really did it! GTA 5 and GTA online have been published with the release on PS5 and Xbox Series for the third generation. However, after we have played the Next Gen version, we have to determine: it would not have been necessary. Because good graphics changes nothing at the exceeded lifetime of the Gangster multiplayer. Rockstar, we are sure you can not hear it anymore, but where is GTA 6? We do not ask that because the entire world wants to have the game, but because GTA has to be redeemed online.

GTA Online on PS5: Between God and Zombie

What is the meaning of a remakes or remaster? They give fans the opportunity to enjoy older games in a new guise and even pick up newcomers. But GTA online knows everyone who has everyone or has had enough of it, so he feels like to be the same way on the streets of Los Santos like all reddit vintage cars. GTA Online never ends, still gets updates and still sells Cashcards, that’s his blessing and at the same time his curse.

As a developer Rockstar then in June 2020 not the highly expected GTA 6 presented, but the Next-Gen version for GTA online announced, the fans made it clear that they are finished with the game. Why you still play it with teeth snirling today? Well, probably because there is no real alternative. After two years now the unwanted PS5 version appears and we ask ourselves: Can the third release, with everything he does, the old fan love still re-ignored?

GTA Online has accompanied me through my studies and my professional life, for eight years, in which I had good and difficult times, active and passive phases with the gangster multiplayer. Today I’m already a little jealous that this game looks like this game through his graphic boost just as early 20, but already growing gray hair. But before we can answer the final question, we first summarize all the innovations. This has GTA online under the bonnet:

  • 60 FPS, 4K Resolution, Haptic Feedback for Weather Influences, Driving and Explosions

  • ** Lighting, Shadow, Textures, Ray Tracing, Character Models: GTA has never looked online yet.

  • More immersive audio, shortened loading times, more comfortable menus

  • Fans can carry their character, newcomers receive a large package including the inburmers and desire property

  • GTA Online has all known updates – there is no new content!

In short, Anyone who has never played GTA online will not get any more perfect version. The long-standing fans will probably become developers Rockstar more and more like the Umbrella Group from Resident Evil: his immortal multiplayer zombie is now Handsome, faster and more powerful, but in the core he has absolutely not changed or developed. The graph has made the biggest leap, but that is not the GTA needed online to earn new interest. The third generation released: He is no more than a move from one platform to the other – from a desert into another desert, but a prowere.

GTA Online: Welcome to the “Next Gen” GSTER-Hell

I drive through Los Santos, my old home, every corner awakens memories. I visit all the local places, the car repair shop, the airport, the casino and the best escape route, which there is: the tunnel next to the highway, which leads to the subway system. After I have brought my nostalgic ride behind me, maybe twenty minutes passed, I think and suddenly it caught me philosophical: What should I do? What is my task?

There is nothing to do and no reason to do something. I am stone-rich and me all, weapons, cars, real estate. I have no idea, so I dedicate myself to the best feature in GTA online: the power to be remembered right away, why it’s the worst feature at the same time. Who, as I have no friends, is the mood of matchmaking delivered. This usually leads to multiplayer nightmares.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Even after eight years: Everything brings money, fun is optional

Endless waiting times for full lobbies, cancellations thanks to disappearant players, differently exciting missions and in the end no one wants to help in the preparations, but only carry out the final coup, as he brings the most money. And most of the last five times in succession to have enough money for a car or a property. This profitgier kills the whole fun, no one has interest in the Heist-feeling.

After helping a player, he no longer deviates from the side, tips and beg me to pull another mission with him. I completely understand that, because he does not know when he finds a helpful player next time. My friend, that evening, unfortunately I had no time anymore, but otherwise I would have done everything with you, especially without payment. Because no money in GTA online can replace a good experience. It’s worth nothing.

In another session, I try my luck again and games more serve, but so really mood does not come up, because I already know. Then a race that several players leave as soon as the first one is no longer to catch up. Following a Deathmatch, which many header recently wanted to play in the ego perspective, which makes absolutely no sense for me in a cover shooter with target aid. Lastly, an arena steam in which we shoot the opponent waves in your spawn point.

For other games, I find no lobbies. And when the boredom overturned completely, I drive through the free lobby and start with someone’s dispute, which he – apparently grateful for his perseverance. This is the Darth-Vader moment. Have you broken off GTA online, because your senseless over the pile was killed? Your attacker was probably just like her in five out of ten cases.

But there is a jewel in this mixture of mature and balls

Unfortunately, I have to admit that this toxic community is still the most authentic about this gangster multiplayer. A multiplayer, the players who are gangster bosses after years, can still seek action figures in some missions. After eight years, the absurdity has reached its top: if we work like on the assembly line for our money to buy us the overpriced objects, how can we still call ourselves real gangsters?

It meets me like a blow, a Déjà-Vu, a process that I’ve already done on the PS3 and on the PS4 and who was getting shorter and shorter with every generation. First there were years, then days and now only a few hours. I’m looking for the only content that received the game over the years for me – and quote players Sn0wiron’s commentary with 10,000 likes below the “GTA Online” -PS5 trailer (Source: YouTube): . If the modes created by fans have more “expanded and improved” as the actual developers. On the PS5, these fan modes are logically sparse shortly after releasing.

I did not find my favorite mode “Rocket Vs. Insurgent”, but after all, the mode “Runners VS Zentorno Z”. In this, two teams contact each other: The Runners are trying to bring a stretch of salvation behind while drivers are supposed to hold them away. Reach the runner your goal, get weapons to destroy the cars. Each round will be swapped the roles.

It is a strange parallel dimension whose assembled arena was plotted over the actual game world. Everything has a certain arena mood, almost already toy optics. In this construction, the bored players who need neither money nor possession to participate. This is just the fun of the thrill. For me, a new game has grown from gangster game, much like the Roleplay servers, and a clear rebellion against developer Rockstar.

Opinion of Michael Sunday
GTA Online has exceeded his lifetime, it is now definitely GTA 6. The content is overhauled, the community toxic. Or Rockstar suddenly comes with a pile of new content around the corner, which does not just provide content for a few weeks, but complete months. This is utopian, as well as to assume that GTA will experience a new hype online with the Next-Gen release. A problem, a boredom, a frustration is still a problem with a new graphics, a boredom, a frustration. I’m out. If you are looking for Content: Look at the fan modes!

GTA 5 and GTA Online published on March 15 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC in a Next-Gen version. The third generation release is recorded with mixed feelings from the fans. We are similarly sobered, even if we really hold the very best version in your hands for beginners. Although we are of course with the idea with GTA 6.

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