Psychological Horror Game “Closed Case” to STeam to release March 19th. Tilast new work based on night coffee shop

Domestic Indie Games Production Team Chilla’s ART (Tilas Art) announced on March 17, “The Closing Shift” announced that it will be released on March 19th in Japan. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam). On March 16, videos that recorded one scene in the game have also been released. The main character in the video seems to have some work in the store, on the back of the city of snow falling.

The “closing case” is a psychological horror game that was set to the night coffee shop. The main character of this work is a girl who works at the coffee shop “Chilla’s Cofee”. According to the store page, the girl of the main character is in charge of closing work. While she is unknown, she will experience fear before and after the closing work, such as the shop where she should not have other than employees and the return on the rest back. Psychological horror and the impact of Japanese films are also covered, and it is likely to be expected to play an emphasis on atmosphere that is worried about behind.

Also, the graphic of this work is adopted on / off-off VHS effects. The sense of immersive is enhanced by the expression of analog video wind. In the system surface, automatic save system and support content on / off function are also introduced.

Chilla’s ART, which is developing this work, is a domestic game production team that works with a brother. Night-work, such as “night work case” and “exception delivery”, a short-story horror work for PC from 2018 released. It is also popular as a subject of game life.

In addition, in the previous work “Late-night broadcast” released in October 2021, with a 10% well-received in the STEAM user review, we won the status “very popular”. Chilla’s ART seems to have a request for improvement in the first driving element, but it seems that a horror experience using urban legends as a motif and the expression of radio using speech. In addition, the release of the “closing case” is 5 months from the release of “late-night broadcasting”, and it is a long production period as Chilla’s ART.

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“Closed Case” will be released on March 19 for PC (STeam). Support service for creators The beta version is currently being delivered for PATREON supporters.

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