Warframe – How to get Relices Requiem and Requiem Mods

Requiem Requiem Mods and Relics are new additions to the game, introduced with Update 26, The Old Blood. They are the only thing that can kill your Kuva Lich and must be used in the correct combination on your Parazon to kill the Lich Kuva using a Mercy Finisher. While normal weapons and your teammates can damage, the Lich is weak against some combination of mods, and only a hit with this combination can kill. For a combination, you must kill the Lich Thralls Parazon.

Warframe – How to Get relics and mods Requiem Requiem

Mods Requiem, listed below, are from new relics Requiem. These relics news can be obtained from Kuva Flood as security Kuva reward and siphons a loss rate of 30%. They are then refined in the Void Crack missions Fortress Kuva. These are the only relics that can be refined on the fortress of Kuva.

Once refined, the relics Requiem open and may file a Requiem Mod for your Parazon. There are four types of relics, I, II, III and IV, which appear on a new screen in the menu Relic.

Requiem Relics can also drop an object called Slivot Riven. These Slivers Riven can be combined to create a complete Riven.

Requiem Mods have limited charges, with three each, and is exhausted when you kill a Lich Kuva with it. When all costs are used, the mod can be decomposed into Endo.

How to Requiem Mods & Relics

Chasms that we are seen nunnery

For anyone who does not have a name


His heralds are the stars

Heaven and earth in flames


Tangible laws are not written

As the suns and love retire


The laws of cosmic madness

Although intransigent minds crave


In a bright star space blackened

They look, accuse, deny


Roiling, moaning, our kingdom

In the lost madness dies


Coals hordes trill their secular

Agreement with Eldritch Plans


Towards the cosmic forms tangent planes

We end as we began

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