Netflix announces “Tekken” animation! “Tekken: Bloodline” Trailer who focused on Kazaido is released

Netflix announced the anime “ Tekken: Bloodline based on the Bandai Namco Entertainment Fighting Game “Tekken” series and published the teaser trailer.

In recent years, netflix has focused on visualizing the game, and “Devil Castle Dracula” series original “Devil Castle Dracula-Castle Vania-” is manufactured to the season 4, and last week’s survival horror “Biohazard” last week New live-action drama series delivery announced. With regard to the “Tekken” series, although the full CG animation “Tekken Blood Vengeance” was released in the past, this time it was to be visualized in art styles different from the original.

In addition, in the trailer, which was published simultaneously with the announcement, you can also see the figure of the Reloy Smith, which appeared in the scene where the Kazama Hitoshi and Mishima Hirahachi, who were young and Hiraichi Mishima, and the latest work “Tekken 7”. This work can be a glimpse of the new aspects of the factor of the airman family different from the original, as it has a title “Bloodline”.

Detailed synopsis is as follows.

“It’s all right” ー 間 A little funny who taught his mother to his mother. Suddenly, I lose everything by the raid of a strong enemy with a power beyond humanity. He gets his imperfection and seeking absolute strength for revenge. His road continues to the ultimate fighting “THE KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT” that involves the world.

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