Basketball | NBA: Nets lose and hope for Irving

The Brooklyn Nets can seem to plan in the season end spurt and the playoffs everything again without restrictions with Kyrie Irving.

According to information from the US news agency “AP”, New York’s mayor Eric Adams wants to announce a derogation for athletes and artists on Thursday and allowing them to work in New York, even if they are not vaccinated against the coronavirus. So far, Irving may only compete abroad for the Nets for this reason.

After 120: 132 against the Memphis Grizzlies, neither NETS coach Steve Nash still wanted to comment on Irving, but prefer to wait for an official message. On his 30th birthday Irving came to 43 points.

Twelve days earlier he had achieved a career repair of 60 points at the away game of the Nets. “It just changes the whole team when he’s out there. So hopefully we get good news,” Nets-Star Kevin Durant said on Wednesday evening (local time).

Nets in the Eastern Conference in Rank 8

The Nets continue to be in place in the Eastern Conference. Biss six are the teams qualified directly for the playoffs, the season is the season after the main round in April.

At the top, the Miami Heat surprisingly conceded a home to the Golden State Warriors. Without the stars Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green and despite last three defeats in series, the Warriors in Florida brought a 118: 104.

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