Life is Strange Remastered Collection: Patch mit 60 FPS Modi verschoben

LIS Remastered PATCH B vs Original Saving Kate Scene | Life is Strange Remastered Patch B Comparison

There is an update to the upcoming Life IS Strange Remastered Collection Patch. The developers still need a little more time to test and make the patch thus move. Actually, new 60 fps modes should now be made for the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5. Also an ultrawide mode for the PC. But that all takes more time, as those responsible have now announced. > “Patch C for #LIFeStrange Remastered, including 60FPS modes for gene 9 consoles and ultrawide support for PC, unfortunately require further tests before they are made available. We now strive to publish this patch towards the end of the next week. We apologize for the delay.”

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