Vilzing is in a good mood: the DJK climbs in second place

The starting point was clear: The DJK Vilzing convinced in the last tasks, but in the catchpiece of the 23rd matchday but a threesome at the last as well as low-formed DJK Vorbenbach (four victories in a row) to stay at Primus Eintracht Bamberg Dranzu. And this project also succeeded, the 3: 0 success was also earned in the end.

Wissahickon's Brutal Climbs + Bonus Footage
Especially in the first pass, the Vilzinger underlined their role they play in the league. She dominated the game and opponents, but in the early season, however, despite good chances still the leadership. When Gebach then came a little better into the game, Vilzing suggested. The guests were energetic for a counterattack, Müller had no short distance no problems with the 1: 0 (32.). Even before the break, Vilzing was able to increase: High turned to a corner by head on 2: 0 (45. + 1). Quickly after restart, Cordik then made the lid on the game. After a corner kick, he came to the ball and stayed quietly at Keeper Lindner – 3: 0 (53.). While Gabbach did not give up, Vilzing, however, brought the comfortable guidance sovereign to the finish.

Thus, the DJK Vilzing is different with Eintracht Bamberg on the top of the table – but the Bamberger but still have a catch-up game more in the hindquarters. Forgebach remains rank nine, but the rest of the tasks can be reassured. The red zone is currently 17 points away.

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