Ghost VS Hunter Battle Battle “Midnight Ghost Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt” STEAM Early Access Starts from March 31, March 31!

Coffee Stain Publishing is held at “ Future Games Show 2022 ” held by 5:00 am in March 25th, and the multiplayer match action “ Midnight Ghost Hunt ” of the Vaulted Sky Games is Steam Early access was announced from March 31, 2002, 2022.

This work is a ghost mansion, and the player is divided into four ghosts and four ghost hunters. The game is divided into two parts, and the ghost hunter is a ghost hunter wins if the ghost of the opponent is annihilated by using radar, traps and weapons.

Midnight Ghost Hunt - Early Access Gameplay Trailer

The ghost side must escape so as not to annihilate while hiding or hidden on the object in the first half. And if the ghost is alive by midnight, if all the ghosts are revived, “Midnight Mayhem” is started. The ghost hunter who was hunting is the target side of the second half of the side.

Early access allows seven maps to play, and implemented 10 types of weapons and gadgets, and nine types of characteristics respectively. The ghost side is 10 types of abilities and characteristics, eight “Ghost Haunts” are implemented and customizable. In addition, 40 types of skins, emotors, customization matches, and plays with bots are also provided.

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is scheduled to release the STEAM early access version on March 31, 2022. Closed beta tests are also started from March 28.

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