Still active, the Frogwares Ukrainian studio publishes a new DLC for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter ONE

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Beyond a Joke Full Walkthrough Guide New DLC
While the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been lasting for a month, the Frogwares studio has come so much good to continue the work and has just traded an additional survey for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The opportunity for Wael Amr, founder and president of Frogwares, to give some news from the studio and his employees.

A few days after the start of the Russian invasion, Wael Amr had agreed to talk in our columns with Maxime “von Yogurt” on the situation of the country and that of his studio, Frogwares, whose future seemed very uncertain Given the dramatic circumstances in which society and its employees were then – and are still, as the whole Ukrainian people. In a released statement today, WAEL AMR wanted to give some news from Frogwares, while the DLC M for Mystery has just been marketed on consoles and PCs. A new survey available for free for purchasers of the Deluxe edition of the game and also part of the seasonal pass.

Frogwares therefore managed to remain partially active, thanks to the work of a portion of its employees remained safe, in Ukraine or other countries of the European Union. We reproduce here, in extenso, the release of Wael AMR explaining the situation:

“_Personne in the team is not supposed to work, only those who can and want it. Some team members have become full-time volunteers for humanitarian efforts in the country. Others have joined the defense forces. The others are in various locations safer abroad or in the country and have been available to work at a distance.

And we continue to pay all these team members. For those who fight or carry volunteers, each of their places in the team will wait for them at the end of the war. But it is essentially thanks to a set of employees who have fled Ukraine to go to the Neighboring countries of the EU and to those who have resettled in safer areas than Frogwares can continue to operate right now.

_We are an independent studio, without external financing, without investors or parent company to keep us afloat. It is therefore to us alone and thanks to the support of our players who want to play our games that this studio will remain alive.

And as this war is further prolonged, we, and people all around Ukraine, let’s see that even if they are not involved directly in the fighting, they must in one way or another continue to get things d1. So that when all this will be finished and it will be time to rebuild and restart, we will not leave zero.

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