Fa provides buses for FA-Cup

The English Football Association has responded to statements by Master Manchester City and the FC Liverpool, because of logistical problems, their semi-finals in the FA Cup do not want to spend as usual in the London Wembley Stadium.

Accordingly, the FA 100 buses from Anfield and the Etihad Stadium to the Wembley Stadium and back charter. This will ensure that up to 5000 fans of Liverpool and Manchester City can travel for free to the Wembley Stadium. In addition, the Fa confirmed the game date on April 16, though no trains between the two cities and London run for construction work this weekend.

The Wembley Stadium has a capacity of 90,000 seats. “We are aware that some fans of Liverpool and Manchester City are confronted with significant problems, as train traffic is severely limited due to construction work on the Easter weekend,” it said in the association announcement.

The Fa will work together with the national highway authorities. Hundreds of kilometers of insignificant road construction would be “laid on ice to enable the fans to enjoy this event and improve their travels,” it continued.

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Manchester City and FC Liverpool demanded laying

Both clubs had demanded a laying in the north-west at the association, where both clubs are settled. Even the mayors of both cities had turned on. The game should take place in a stadium that is easier to reach.

Because otherwise fans would be forced without direct train connection to fly or to stay with rising gasoline prices by car.

Background is the failure of train connections to London at Cup weekend 16./17. April. For several years of planned track work over Easter, there are neither between Manchester and London nor between Liverpool and London direct connections. Despite complaints of the followers of both clubs, the Fa holds to Wembley as the venue.

In the other semi-final meeting club-world champion FC Chelsea and Crystal Palace meet each other. Since both clubs come from London, there are no arrival problems for most fans in the game.

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