New details of the characters of Texas Chain Saw Massacre revealed

Gun average has occasionally been updating _The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with new information about the game, either on the general history or the stealthy mechanics that governs how players will avoid murderers controlled by players. This week, the studio shared details about the cast of “victims”, as they are called, the Trobian characters who have unique fund, weaknesses and background stories to differentiate them together. We learned about five of them this week, including a first look at the designs of the victims and their biographies.

These characters focus on María Flores, the character of the universe that disappeared near Austin, Texas, which justifies a search by the victims, who are composed of Julie, Leland, Connie, Sonny and Ana. Our first look at these Victims comes from the image below, show them side by side.

Ismael Vicens, executive producer of Gun Interactive, said two questions were asked when creating these characters: do people enjoy playing like them? Does it make sense that these people are a group of friends? The game styles and the personalities were formed from those questions and Gun provided the following details about each of the victims.


«Julie is a native of Southern California and she adjusts perfectly to what this description could bring to mind. Lifestyle in the sand, surfing and sport. But whether her life to this point has prepared her or not for stress and the tension of experience she requires she remains to be seen a completely different kind of hardness. Will the physical abilities of it be enough to take it through an absolute nightmare like no other? “


“While Leland could have fought in high school, university life is far away from high school and glory days of it in wrestling. Even so, he is the toughest of the group, but what he has in strength is missing in other places. Native Texas and he is a bit hard, but still can not compete face to face against people like Slaughter Family and, therefore, the capabilities of him benefit from teamwork with his companions. “


“Connie comes from a life on the farm, where she never frointed the work that accompanied him. While she is not exactly what you imagine that she is a Marimacho, Connie enjoys being the kind of person who will surprise you with her skills. She is cunning, intelligent and ingenious. A natural handyman, her skills are more surgical than a strong arm “.


“Sonny may have a body a little smaller, but he often compensates him with his intellect. The best student of the group is not only intelligent with books, he is also fast with his feet and fast with him’s decisions. Perceptual and intuitive, exceptionally situational conscious, Sonny will need to rely on his intelligence if he wants to survive, and his friends would be equally wise to take advantage of the benefits of him. “

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“And then this is Ana. Ana is fiercely motivated and is a natural leader. After losing her father, she and Mary help to take care of her mother, while trying to forge her own paths as well. Now, with the disappearance of Mary, Ana is no longer sitting. ” of crossed arms while the forces of order advance to tubpices. Determination and pure willpower are the strength of it, and she will need each gram of her resilience to resist ».

We still do not know how the unique skills and attributes will be assigned to these characters, but at least we have an idea of ​​their play styles from their biographies. Gun promised that more information would be revealed soon, so we hope to know more about his skills and family of murderers.

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