A new development newspaper addresses the topics of the science game

It’s time to dive deep into Beyond a Steel Sky. Today, Revolution Software and the Microid Editor talk about the themes of the next cyberpunk thriller, Beyond a Steel Sky. As the spiritual successor of Beneath A Steel Sky of 1994, the game will share similar topics. However, the CEO and Director of the Revolution Software game, Charles Cecil, explains where they take the themes of this game. A video newspaper and a press release provide more details on Beyond’s themes in Steel Sky.

Located in a city led by an IA designed to keep people happy, players must unravel dark conspiracies surrounding other characters. In the city Cyberpunk, the social themes of the game will become very clear to the player. In addition to the IA who runs the city, there is also the Council. A group of five departments that each reflect the hierarchy of the needs of Maslow. The game raises the question of what happens once the needs are completely satisfied.

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“I thought it would be very interesting to determine where a society would go once an IA would have done everything she could to create that feeling of happiness, and finally well-being. _ Cecil says in the video newspaper.

In addition, in addition to diving into the topics of the game, the development newspaper offers an excellent overview of the comic style style. In fact, the artistic director of the game is Dave Gibbons. Gibbons is the cartoon artist behind the legendary cartoon Watchmen.

Cecil discusses many themes that emerge throughout the game in the development notebook. Social themes to positive and negative aspirations, via the emulation of the hierarchy of maslow needs and more like piracy. While being wrapped in a comic strip style.

The game is currently available on Xbox One and Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch.

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