According to Face Slip Scandal: Does Smith want to return his Oscar?

At the 94. Oscar rentals During the night of Sunday on Monday, there was a big eclat. The actor wants Smith missed the Comedian Chris Rock on the stage in front of ongoing cameras a sounding slap after this had made a joke at the expense of the woman of Smith. This action not only hit high waves in the media, but could also lead to Smith more serious consequences .

Does Smith even lose his Oscar?

FULL VIDEO Will Smith apology to the Oscars Academy for his behavior towards Chris Rock #Oscars2022
The Comedian Chris Rock has previously been dispensed with a display due to personal injury and not expressed in detail to the incident. But even if criminal consequences for Will Smith would probably be avoided, it threatens another punishment : He could lose his hands over the same evening as a distinction for the best actor. The Academy had contacted himself immediately after the Oscar awards and the behavior of Will Smith convicted very public **. This is clear from a statement.

_ “The Academy condemns the actions of Mr. Smith at the show in the past night. We officially initiated a formal investigation for this incident, and we will light further steps and consequences that are in with our statues, our Code of Conduct and the set are related to California. “_

The consequences for Will Smith could range from the loss of Academy membership to the return of the Oscars won the same evening. For tomorrow’s Wednesday, the current information has been convened a meeting of the Academy Board of Directors to discuss the case.

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