Announced One Piece Odyssey, a new JRPG for consoles and PC: Trailer and first details

One Piece followers awaited the streaming event in which Manga’s details, anime and other products related to the popular Shonen have been revealed, which fulfills its 25th anniversary. In that context, Bandai Namco hfollowers awaited announced the next game of the saga. It is One Piece Odyssey, an RPG with dungeons that S AMRRO EN 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC . On these lines you can visualize the first official trailer.

The project is in the hands of Bandai Namco in collaboration with ILCA, the same study that developed Pokémon gleaming diamond and pokémon pearl gleaming, the remakes of the Nintendo DS clfollowers awaitedsics. On this occfollowers awaitedion, the study hfollowers awaited a story written by the author of the manga , Eiichiro Oda. The soundtrack will run by the composer of the Saga Tales of, Motoi Sakuraba.

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Announcement Trailer

A pirate world to explore

While there are still many details for uncovering, the video game is developed with Unreal Engine and looks like a graphic look like manganime. We see Luffy touring all kinds of scenarios, opening chests and even climbing for vines. Since it could not be otherwise, its RPG slope is also reflected in the combats , which will have a lot of presence. Other known faces also appear, which we can control during the game.

“Take yourself in a time of tears and laughter,” says the message of the trailer. “We are going to travel to the heart of memories” . In an interview published on the YouTube channel of Bandai Namco, the Katsuaki Tsuzuki producer recalled that it is a JRPG and explained that he wants to offer a product that is satisfactory for both the genre fans and those of One Piece. The initial concept responds to the desire of him to build an epic adventure within the universe of the saga.

Eiichiro Oda hfollowers awaited created a new original character and hfollowers awaited actively collaborated in development . Tsuzuki followers awaitedsures that they wanted to preserve the authenticity of the project to the fullest. He remember that the sleeve is available in Manga Plus.

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