Bandai Namco announced the prospects of “Gundam Metaverse”. To build “space colony” where communities such as gunpla and e-sports gather

BANDAI Namco Group held “3rd Gundam Conference” on March 29th. Among them, the future of the “Gundam Meta Bath Project”, where the group is positioned as one of the emphasis strategies.

In the group, we have a new medium-term vision called “Connect with Fans”, and aim to construct new mechanisms aiming to connect IP (intellectual property such as characters) to fans around the world. One of the IP axis strategies is “Metaverse per IP” and plans to invest a 40 billion yen in three years. As the first installment, he was trying to develop Gundam’s metabars.

Aim for “Gundam Metaverse” is that Gundam fans around the world gather, talk about the content of various categories, and create a place to meet. However, rather than aiming to complete the metaverse space, it is said that the basis is based by stepping on the stage. First of all, we will create a virtual community for each category and connect them by Bandai Namco ID (the common account of the Bandai Namco Group).

Gundam Meta Bath was given a signed name of Gundam’s view of the world of Gundam. The whole is the Gundam Metaverse space “Side-G”, and each virtual community is “Space Colony” in the vast universe called virtual space. As a category that constitutes SIDE-G, Gunpla, Game, Anime, Music and the like are mentioned, and first first launch a virtual space “Gun Pla Colony” that provides a variety of experiences involved in the gunpla.

Gun Placoloney provides a Virtual Gun Placente Tialtain Comprehensive Space “Gundam Based Virtual World” in 2021, with a formally serviced as a “Gundam Base Gun Pla Colony Store”. It is said that a limited test is opened in the fall.

In Gun Placoloney, the Milom function with Bandai Namco ID is implemented and the community through the work of the gunpla. Furthermore, it is likely to enhance the entertainment partition that combines digital and physical, such as the “Gan Plaza Battle” and “Gun Platic Contest” that can be scans and fights for cancer.

And we will provide “ESPORTS colony” in 2023. Team matching FPS “Gundam Evolution” scheduled to be released in 2022 and the game community that can participate by users worldwide, such as “Gundam Evolution” and “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2”. Although the specific content has not been revealed, “GUNDAM Evolution” is particularly developed as a title specializing in E sports, so it may also be done with an event through ESPORTS colonies.

  • “GUNDAM Evolution” plans a PC version of Network Test from April 8th.

In addition to this in Gundam Meta Bath, we will provide a promotion of entry into Gundam business by companies other than Bandai Namco Group, and business-like places that utilize Gundam by general users are also provided in the near future. After building a metavor with the rights of the character, grant UGC (User Generated Content) in Gundam and promote C TO C business. By doing so, new Gundam’s business was born and expected to lead to further expansion of Gundam IP co-created with fans.

The Bandai Namco Group has a “Gundam Meta Bath Project” as a column of group, and promotes the development of each colony, not just the prospects that were indicated this time after 2026, which will be the separation of the current medium-term plan. It is said that.

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