Gundam, social icons and next-generation metabuses

Bandai Namco held today (29th), the 3rd Gundam conference to announce the current performance and future strategy of Gundam IP related business. The Gundam Conference is a place to announce the sales and performance of Gundam, one of the period IP of Bandai Namco, and the future business prospects and strategies. In this conference, the Fujiwara Koo CGO of Bandai Namco Entertainment went to the Gundam’s ever and future business directions and future business directions.

Fujiwara CGO first announced the performance of 2021 and introduced the future strategy of Gundam IP. In 2021, the sales of Gundam’s IP was 1,080 billion yen (about 1.68.2 billion won for Hanwha), and Gundam IP sales exceeded W100bn. As a result of this, the goal of sales in 2022 was held at W115bn (about 1,137.1 billion won), and if these sales are raised, we will take 1,50 billion yen (about 1.483.2 billion won) in 2025 (about 1.483.2 billion won) It would be possible to be possible.

In addition, since 2022, Gundam’s IP is not a simple IP, but it has announced three strategies as it reveals that it has been aiming for a social icon, a social icon, First, as a ‘Gundam Metabus project’, the Gundam Metabus Project, which is aimed at ‘Gundam Metabus Project’, as well as the multi-platform, as well as a project that is a project that is a rich in Bandai Namco Group, including physical products, as well as an animation and music. To do this, we will create a ‘colony’, a virtual community, which is a virtual community by each category, and it will be based on Bandai Namco ID, and we will be able to gave various information on Gundam and enjoy various information on Gundam.

First, based on the ‘Gundam Bass Virgin World’, which was a 2021 demonstrated ‘Gundam Bass Virgin World’, Gundam Base Giffel Coloni is demonstrated in the fall 2022. In Giacra Colonies, we plan to implement Milasses with Bandai Nancho ID, and to fight Garfla Battle ‘and Ghuzhra Contest, online courses, such as the Garuza Battle’ and Ghoulese Contest, and online courses.

We also mentioned Gundam’s e-sports. First, the 6VS6 FPS will be released on Twenty, and will be released on Twenty, 2022, and the PC version will be tested from April 8th. In addition, we announced that they would complete the ‘e-sports colonion’, which can enjoy e-sports, as well as Japan, based on two titles up to the “Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2”.

On The Recent Gunpla Issue & The Gundam Metaverse
Fujiwara CGO said, “Gundam Metabus is not limited to existing corporate-to-business enterprises, but it is a goal to get a wide range of businesses and to secure new business areas,” and “Bandai Namco Group to enter other companies CO to C business promotion, creating new economic rights, do not stay in 2025, and to grow even a bigger scale since 2026. “

Followed by reference on 2022, the new Gamed Gamed Animation and the unpublished new work scheduled to be released in the future. First of all, April 5, the ‘OFF’s OFF’s’ specialist is broadcast on TV. Followed by the island of the Theater ‘Mobile Suk Gundam Kukurs Dogan’ is released on June 3, and the new TV animation series ‘Mobile Warrior Gundam’s witch’ is scheduled to be broadcasted on October. In addition, We are preparing several works, including the anniversary.

Fujiwara CGO discloses teaser PV and teaser visuals related to ‘witches’ witches, while the witch of the aqueous witch was scheduled to deliver a new topic different from the previous Gundam series based on the heroine. The Mobil Suit Name to board the hero is ‘Gundam Aerial’, planning to produce a variety of Goodies, including 1/144 Garrey. In addition, in the summer of 2022 in the summer of 2022, it will disclose the prologue to the story of the mains in the summer of 2022. In Japan NeXT Future event, various information related to animation is released as a theme of the witch of the aqueous witch.

Gundam projects for sustainable development, the results of the “Gundam Open Innovation” project were also announced. Gundam Open Innovation is one of the projects in the past 2021, as the Gundam Open Innovation, solves the environmental and population issues expressed in various Gundam, or by solving the environment and population problems expressed in the operations, and in the future, We held an idea in the fields, including robots, rocket, urban communities, universe and Wallpath exploration, medical, ethics, material development, and support teams.

At the same time as the final announcement at this conference, Gundam is a work that deals with the future population problems, global environments and many conflicts in the universe, Program I am as an as a program ‘Gundam Universal Century Development Action (GUDA)’ released the following plans. First of all, in 2025, Osaka – Kansai expo, Gundam Pavilion, Gundam Pavili On Together, Guda and Gundam Open Innovation’s performance, GUDA and Gundam Open Innovation, and fans who love to share Gundam, such as medical, IT, and industry, We will proceed with the ‘Universal Declaration’ to move to the next step.

“Gundam will go beyond entertainment to social icons, people, people, society, people, and world,” said Fujiwara CGO for future vision, “said Gundam,” Gundam, People, Society, People and the World, “said,” Gundam, I would like to expect “I hope you look forward to it.”

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