Lost in the middle of the woods in abandoned

Announced in April 2021 on the PlayStation Blog, abandoned should finally see the day in 2022. The game Blue Box Game Studios will be a PS5 exclusivity.

Very realistic survival game, Abandoned will invite you to browse a detailed open world to wish. You will embody Jason Longfield, a young man who wakes up in a strange forest frankly sinister. Alone and completely amnesic, he finds himself delivered to himself to try to understand how he arrived there and who brought him. But he will quickly realize that he may not be as lonely as he believes in this forest.

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The willingness of the studio is to offer a realistic gaming experience both by the visual aspects and the gameplay. That’s why every event will influence Jason. For example, if Jason is afraid or runs down and finds himself out of breath, his precision firing will be reduced. The action of shooting will also take more time than in most conventional FPS, still adding to the feeling of realism. The slightest fake can be decisive in your survival expectancy.



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