Legends Pokemon: Arceus: How to evolve to Ursaring in Ursaluna

In Legends Pokémon: Arceus there are hundreds of different Pokémon. Some of them require a special method to evolve and that case is that of Ursaluna, the new evolution of Usaring , hence in the following guide we are going to explain how to do it.

How to evolve to ursaring in Ursaluna

In another of our guides we talked about the block of peat, one of the objects that have appeared for the first time in this delivery of the saga and which in turn is considered one of the rare ones because of the tremendously difficult it is to find. However, you will not have more remedy to find with him if you want to get Ursaluna.

How To Evolve Urasring Into URSALUNA! Pokemon Legends Arceus
More than anything because you have to give Usararing this object to evolve in Ursaluna, although it will not be enough to deliver it without further. You will need it to be at night and there is a full moon , so for this you can move to any camp, sleep until it is night and from that moment on, wait for the timely time to deliver the peat bloc.

On the other hand, if you are from those you are looking for a teddiursa or to a Ursaring to carry out all this process, you will find both in the Palestra Ursa in the crimson pantanal or also on the path of the crown hillside pilgrim. In the event that it is teddiursa that you will catch, you must upload it to level 30 so that it evolves in Ursaring and then follow the remaining steps previously indicated.

And by the way, the Ursaluna who gets through this method will not become a pokémontura .

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