Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 already has a launch date

As part of the announcements that were announced during the New Game + Expo 3.0 event, Inti Creates has revealed that _ Azure Striker Gunvolt 3_ will finally arrive at the Nintendo Switch at the end of next July.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is the official sequel of the second title in the series, continuing the story of Gunvolt, Lumen and Company, and will come to the Nintendo Switch on July 28 . The game will have a price of $ 29.99 dollars in its physical version. Next to this, Limited Run Games is working on a physical edition, from which more details will be announced in the future.

This is the game description:

“In the near future, humanity aroused a new power known as” septima “. Humans with this power met as “adepts” and increased constantly in number as new adepts were born. An organization of these adepts, “Eden”, tried to ensure his supremacy over the world, only for his ambitions to end in the hands of Gunvolt. However, at the end of the innumerable battles, Gunvolt found himself evolving reluctantly to a new power beyond seventh. “

The Azure Striker Gunvolt series was created by Keiji Inafune, responsible for Mega Man , and in 2014 the first installment of the franchise arrived. In 2016 we saw a sequel and now, six years later, finally, we are just a few months away from the third adventure of Lumen and company. This does not mean that in this time lapse we did not see something new, since a Spin-off series arrived at the hands of the players.

Azure Striker GUNVOLT 3 - Official Premier Trailer

Remember, _ Azure Striker Gunvolt 3_ will arrive at Nintendo Switch on July 28, 2022 . On Related Topics, here you can check our review of Gunvolt Chronicles Luminoous Avenger IX 2.

Editor’s note:

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Amazing looks. As a fan of the Mega Man Zero series, this is a worthy spiritual successor. Although INAPUNE’s work after Capcom has not been the best, no one can deny that this series has been a critical success for Inti Creates.

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