Cooperation type sleep introduction game “Marble Ball Friends” announced, April 22 release. Bee ball rotating animals, and everyone is Sayasuya

Games Company STP Works announced “ Marble Friends ” on April 1st. We plan to release April 22 for PC (STeam). The price is 410 yen. Also, from April 1st, Campfire is a set product of in-game advertising frame and various goods in advance. In addition, it is said that porting to Nintendo Switch is planned.

“Marble Friends” is a work that corresponds to up to five multiplays based on smart balls, which is a kind of pinball. In a beautiful forest covered by a given greenery, you will play a variety of mini games while listening to the gutter sound and river seeds. Press Release Wow, is a sleep introduction game that you want to play on a tired day.

The player challenges a unusual huge smart ball in the game. First, injection of marbles from the launch stand at hand. Then, the nails arranged on the board are transmitted, and the beak ball starts to roll with Colocolo with an unpredictable movement. If the marche beak ball is in the box of hand, it is possible to acquire beabels according to the upgrade. In addition, a box of “?” Is also installed on the board, and when the beakball enters, an eventby ball that emits gaming color appears. By catching the beak with a box of hand, various events occur.

One of the events that occur in eventby ball acquisition is a multiplay event. There are multiple types of events, and all players participate in multiplayer. For example, in “Croan”, if you put a marble in the warp hole displayed on the board, the beacle is warped on the three-stage creunes as seen somewhere. If the superb ball is in the lowest red hole, a large amount of bubbles can be acquired. In addition, in “Bingo”, bingo appeared on top of the board, firing beak ball. Depending on the number of lines, it is said that the effect of increasing the number of acquired marbles for a certain period of time is obtained. Besides that, there are various events that are excited together, such as “roulette” that can be acquired by the number of beaks in the number, and the “ball putting” that compete with the score.

Also, when the event bleed ball is acquired, cute animal flents may appear. Animal Friends activates the set effect by collecting the defined three flens. Benefits, such as upgrading multi-play events.

This work is also equipped with a jackpot function. A large amount of marbles fall in a fantastic landscape where the moonlight and the large amount of fireflies light up with seven stars that appear on the board. Bee balls collected in large quantities are used for their own upgrade. A large amount of marbles will be easier to earn even by shortening the ejection interval of the beak ball and upgrading the rewards at the time of beaclet catch.

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In addition, this work supports Vroidhub provided by Pixiv. During multiplayer, up to five Vroides created in Vroid Studio are displayed in the wood deck. Each original character seems to chat or urge various expressions.

STP Works, which works on this work, is an indie game development company based in Chiba Prefecture. Games that can be distributed at low prices are listed on the theme of developing them, and in the past, we have released a cooperative medal game “old cozy pusher flence” and the like. About this work, it has been developed with the idea that I want you to heal the tiredness of the day through the game. Multiplayer is a game that takes a day of a day or a lover and a day of a lover, and it is a game that will play a game and play a game.

By the way, as mentioned above, the preceding release of the set product is performed on Campfire. As a set product, it is said that various original goods of the game advertising frame and “old cozy Pusher Friends goods” are prepared. Preceding sales period is from April 1 to April 22nd. If you would like to purchase, please refer to the dedicated page in Campfire.

“Marble Friends” is scheduled to release April 22 for STEAM.

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