Episode 2 of the television series halo advances the arrival of cutting

It seems that the arrival of cutting is imminent in the aureola TV series. The new aureola the series has made some remarkable changes in history. It is not a direct adaptation of any specific game or history of the Halo world, it focuses greatly on the characters and the general tradition more than anything else. That said, the fans of the games have been surprised by things like Master Chief reveals his face to the audience. Although he takes off his helmet into the games and books, his face has never been visible to the audience. In another change more of the games, Cortana is not with Chief from the beginning.

Halo S01E02 BEST SCENES – Cortana Awakening
That said, it seems that Cortana is about to be part of the show. She has already seen her in some of the advances of the Halo television series, so the inclusion of her is expected, it is only a matter of when. Episode 2 of Halo __ suggests that she probably will be presented correctly in episode 3. After the master chief was absent without permission in the first episode, the UNSC began to consider how he could rely on him if he returned. Halsey mentions that he has been developing an AI known as Cortana who would maintain Spartans mentally under control. The UNSC could use the Cortana to Cortana to update and have more control over your Spartans. A panel of UNSC staff raised ethical concerns about the dehumanization of the master chief and a vague mention of a cloning process for AI, but finally seemed to agree with the idea.

At the end of the second episode, Halsey opens a capsule with a woman inside, which seems to be a physical manifestation of cutting. From now on, it remains to be seen how much it will seem cut off to the counterpart of it in the game. The Aureola The program recruited the cutting-edge video game actress, Jen Taylor, for the character character, so she will sound like she does it in the games.

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