In GTA Online there are very different cars that can be complicated to get along with all. Luckily every week you can add one for free to your collection, such as Grotti Itali Gto , hence, in the following guide we are going to explain how to do with him.

How to get free the car grotti Itali GTO

To get this new vehicle you will have to participate in a challenge that will test your ability to the wheel, but before this you have to meet an indispensable requirement such as being a member of the LS Car Meet.

If it is your case, then you will touch you in the racing series and be between the first three posts in a total of five races . Only those who achieve this goal will take the keys of this vehicle to compete with it and tune it at will.

Also, as you go out for this place, go through the test track where you can try the declasse stallion, the Growler pfister and the white Buffalo s in tumulus or also compete with any of them in the time-check mode without having to pay anything In return.

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