Malcolm the one in the middle will reach Disney + this month

Disney + is not only the home of the Marvel and Star Wars series, but also offers different content dedicated to the past. Classics animated and some surprises are hidden in the catalog of this platform. Now, it was recently revealed that all the episodes of _malcolm the one in medium will be available in Disney + this month.

Originally, the seven seasons that make up the series were on Amazon Prime Video, but after the departure of this content of the platform, many wondered who would be the lucky ones to get this license. Now, it has been confirmed that all _mallcolm the one in the middle one will be available in Disney + next April 27, 2022.

The series is made up of seven seasons, of which six have 22 episodes. In this way, we are talking about more than 100 chapters of this dysfunctional family. If you are tired of just seeing a couple of episodes a day through channel 5, this is your chance to make a marathon that will take you by Some of the most iconic moments of television.

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Editor’s note:

This are good news. Malcolm the one in Middle is one of the most beloved series of this century, and having the availability of choosing which chapter to see, without being restricted by Canal 5, it is something that will surely call the attention of more than one person.

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