[Oki] “What happens if you beat the game package 50 times? Examination result announcement!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning Game * SPARK Daikai, the Examination Results announced 677. This subject is “ What happens if you beat the game package 50 times? “Thank you for the many responses. As a result of the answer received from you by everyone’s evaluation and person in charge, the following answer was chosen as the Best Answer.


Don who can not play once more

It’s because the game is broken…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Get angry at the clerk

I’m doing at the store

__ Spa-kun’s friend

The QR code comes out of the purchase of the electronic version.

It will be about 50 times if it is beaten

__ Spa-kun’s friend

The spirit of the game where the face became Bokoboko comes out.

It seems to be counterattacked…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Worried about the family

It seems that stress is accumulated

__ Spa-kun’s friend

A good texture is born with good koshi and mochimochi

Do you eat

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Because it will be a forced down judgment, it has not been scolded after the sixth time

I can not increase any damage

__ Spa-kun’s friend

The reply comes back with “I’m in”.

Who! ?

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Finally adjusted the form of HD remaster

Training HD remaster

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Automatic package clamping machine is unlocked and scolding efficiency increases
The next unlock is Kenshiro in 5000 times

And the number of times is a unit that is not familiar…

__ Spa-kun’s friend

The skills of the player’s ax rose 1


__ Spa-kun’s friend

Silvia comes out and KO.
I was taking a delay, I saw the sight and I was calm and I could cope with Silvia calmly, and I won the confrontation 50 times as it was.

“Is that Silvia who was true Mr. X!”

__ Spa-kun’s friend

Nothing happens.
However, if you do not hit 50 times a day
Package proliferates

Seal strike

__ Spa-kun’s friend

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“I thought it was desperately, I thought it was desperately… what is it really?”
The package that should have been scolded so far appeared behind while saying that
When you look at the hand… it is not a package etc…
Important… I should love my heart…
I screamed

What kind of story!

__ Spa-kun’s friend

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