CERO “D” does not kill researchers! Japan Version “The House of the Dead: Remake” Looking Up on April 7

Forever Entertainment, “ The House of the Dead: Remake (The House of the Dead: Remake)” In the Japan Version, we announced that ** does not kill the researcher.

This work is a remake version that reimbed the graphic of cancer-off game released as an arcade in 1997.

According to the content identified by the official Twitter account, it is necessary to suppress violence expression to be the CERO rating “D”, and the researcher can not kill. In the original version, researchers were chased by the enemy and appeared in the screen, and when the player is misleading, it was the existence that a penalty will receive a penalty. Within the tweets, “Still enjoy the game!” In addition to the reply to the user, it is only possible that the player can not kill the player, and Zombie will be able to kill researchers.

“The House of the Dead: Remake” will be released on April 7 for 2,599 yen for your Nintendose switch. It can be purchased at a discounted price of 2,339 yen until 23:59 on April 21.

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