[Todays steam] Lego Star Wars, Rea,

The power of ‘Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga’, which pushes the Eldon ring at the best sales volume worldwide, was finally identified as a figures. Even though it is a console-oriented work that has not been great expectations, it recorded 82,517 concurrent users on the first day of the steam and appeared at the 12th place of one person. Given that most games do not show the number of simultaneous connections to most games, this simultaneous conjunction is a very encouraging result.

In the popularity of ‘Lego Star Wars: Skyeer Saga’, there is a great deal of “Star Wars” fans can not be “experienced” and “experience” without being seen in watching the story. The recently released a lot of popular “Manda Laurian”, which has been popular here, as a result of a lot of popularity, “Manda Laurian”, and a new share in the popularity of this popularity It seems to be.

The game itself does not have a very noticeable deadly bug, and it is flat to play smoothly. If the recently released expectations have been through a lot of pain due to bugs, this is called a feature that can not be easily exceeded. As long as it is possible to play a pleasant play, the story of the bug was not revealed in the user’s evaluation. “The best work of Star Wars games”, “Perfect Lego Games and Star Wars Games”, “12 points in Star Wars”,

On the other hand, in the case of the highest sales ranking, the universe survival Open World Terra Forming Adventure ‘The Planet Crafter’ is 10% discount on the 10% discount, Hardcore RTS ‘Helle Rouge’, which is a 33% discount, It appeared on. Particularly, in the case of ‘The Planet Crafter’, the update rod map will be released in the future, and the interests of users who expect content to be disclosed soon. The best sales ranking variation did not show a gap on the last 5 days.

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