Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Attack on the Wookies Guía de niveles

There are six Kyber bricks to unlock at each level of Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. One by completing the level, three by filling the bolt indicator until you reach True Jedi, one for collecting all miniKits and one by completing the three level challenges. In this guide, we will show you how to obtain all miniKits and challenges, as well as we will also describe which characters are unlocked by completing the Droid Attack on the Wookies level in episode III.

Droid Attack at the locations of the Wookies minikits Lego Star Wars: La Saga Skywaker

By collecting all minikits at this level, you will unlock microconstruction ARC-170 StarFighter.

Attack Droide in the Wookies minikit # 1

After taking the first zip line, you should be able to see a minikit on the tree. Instead of building an arriete to tear down the tree, take the option to build the lifting platform. Enter and upload to the upper level, then you can jump to the tree and pick up the minikit.

Attack Droid to Minikit Wookies # 2

In the same area as the first minikit, use a scoundrel character to burn the vines on the wall. Then you can use a Jedi or Sith character to run to the other side. Climb the hill and you should see the minikit trapped inside a bush that you can destroy.

Droid attack on the minikit Wookies # 3

During the first section of the game, there is a door that you can only open with a character from Bounty Hunter. Open it, then continue with the level until you reach the first set of platforms. There is another exclusive golden box of Bounty Hunter to which you must shoot to reveal a battery. Let it and go back to the other door that opened, and follow the new way to see a satellite dish. Use a character to keep the battery, then jump through the gap with a Jedi and make your other character release the battery. Use the strength to cross it and put it on the satellite so that a ship release a minikit.

Droids attack on the Wookies minikit # 4

Right after using the Zyrolea for the first time, you should see a silver object that can be destroyed with the grenades of a villain. There are two more on your way to the exhaust capsule (egg) that must be destroyed. Once you take the last, you will receive a minikit.

Attack Droid in the Wookies Minikit # 5

At the end of the level near the exhaust capsule, instead of killing enemies to finish the level, I had to turn left and look to the side to see a hidden minikit with some handles you can go down to pick it up.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker Droid Attack in Wookies level challenges

  • Influence of strength – Use your Jedi mental trick to take control of a clone soldier and use it to kill another clone soldier.
  • Frequent traveler – Instead of taking the main road to the exhaust capsule, build the lifting device and follow that path. You will go down by a zipper to get to the capsule and get the challenge.
  • Kashyyyk-a-Boo! – In the last part of the level, just before going up to the exhaust capsule, enters the abandoned AT-RT before an enemy does, then use it to destroy 3 soldiers Clone and the other AT-RT to get this challenge.

Lego Skywalker Saga Droid Attack on the Wookiees All Minikits and Level Challenges

Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker Droid Attack On The Wookies Unlocking Characters

There are a lot of unlocking characters to complete this level:

* Green commander
* Combat Droide B1 (Kashyyyk)
* Soldier Clone (Kashyyyk)
* Soldier Clone (Phase II)
* Palpatine (scar)

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