Low fluffy lifesim, a real stuffed house, a rogue-chan changing rogue with machine learning, lets miss it if it is a core gamer! This weeks indie selection

GAME * SPARK Editorial Department recommends Delivering 3 Special Indies in March 5th-April 1st Week!

This week, the stuffed house-san will work on the Life Simulation “ PuffPals: Island Skies “, Log Light Actions affected by Love Crafts “ Source of Madness “, Slow Life Sennean Simulation for Inspection It is three of “ Sendo Monogatari “.

# Puffpals: Island Skies

This work is a life simulation game featuring a pretty view of the world. In the Kickstarter campaign held from April 7, 7,000 more than 7,000 supporters have reached their support for more than 7,000 supporters. In the development of this work, Fluffnest of the manufacturer selling a cute stuffed animal called “puffpals”. In addition to the establishment and CEO, development starts from one developer, and the same character as stuffed toy is actually sold in the game.

Game design is “Atsushibe His Animal Forest” Like, from customization of avatars and residence, communication with residents and shop clerks, and even different biometed adventures, quests, mini games, etc. are implemented It seems to be.

The KickStarter campaign is scheduled until May 7, and the amount of support for the early access right of the game main story is from $ 20, and the alpha right to play games faster is from $ 30. Early Access Version is scheduled for the alpha version in January 2024 in January 2023, but the last version of the final version is undecided at this time. If you are anxious, how about checking information such as official website and Twitter?

# Source of Madness

The official release date of the Log Light Action “Source of Madness”, which is being conducted earlier access from September 23, 2021, has been decided on May 11 locally. This work is a horizontal scroll type rogue light action game inspired by Love Craft’s novel. Dark and a strange world “Rohm Land”, we will adventure 9 biomes with a variety of skills, spells, and skills to approach the underwater source of the unknown evil evil.

As one of the features of this work, the enemy character that appears appears automatically by machine learning AI and always continues to change. In addition, “Roamland” art style reminiscent of Love Craft’s view of the world is also created by incorporating AI, and it seems that many mystery and miracle are waiting for the player.

# Sendo story

This work is a slowly life simulation game with a fantasy world in China. The player will be a member of the sect seeking for immortality, and we will engage in training and expansion of the village. There are seasons and day-night concepts in the game, and light and shadows change over time. Seasonal movements are finely classified into 24, which causes seasonal crops and growth cycles.自分の農地は自由に変形や拡大で調整でき、仙法(スキル)を習得すれば農業の効率を上げることも可能です。



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