The Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer could confirm the world of Star Wars

It seems the revelation trailer of Coors of the kingdom 4 may have confirmed the addition of a world based on Star Wars. Since Disney acquired Star Wars back in 2012, Kingdom Hearts fanatics have been dreaming of the day when the science fiction series could cross with the Square Enix action RPG franchise. And while COREZONS OF THE KINGDOM 3 I do not end up complying with this dream, it seems a lot CORAZONS OF THE KINGDOM 4 I could finally take Sora and the friends of Him to a very, very distant galaxy.

Not long after the initial trailer of Corazones of the kingdom 4 was released this morning, fans quickly noticed what seems to be a callback to Star Wars. Specifically, in a section of the trailer that briefly showed a forest environment, it apparently saw the foot of a Star Wars AT-ST vehicle in the background. The AT-ST is a vehicle similar to a hiker controlled by the empire that appears in Star Wars: the return of the Jedi. Since the at-st in this film also appear in Endor, which is a forest-based planet, it seems that this could be a mockery of a world of Star Wars inside. Corazones of the kingdom 4.


You can take a look at the potential provocation in the images that are seen on the Tweet below:

One of the reasons why I could make sense that a world based on Star Wars appeared in Corazones of the kingdom 4 is because Lucasfilm Games, who is the holder of the STAR WARS license in terms of video games, has shown Its willingness to allow several developers to work with intellectual property in recent years. While Electronic Arts has been the only publisher that has worked with Star Wars in recent years, other companies such as Ubisoft and Quantic Dream have ever announced its own projects within this world. As such, it seems more than likely that Square Enix can now reach an agreement to take Star Wars to Corazones of the 4 kingdom.

Do you think that the trailer of Corazones of the Kingdom 4 Everything fewer guarantees that Star Wars will be included? And if this is not an advance of Star Wars, in what other way explain what is shown here? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

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