Xbox Mentoring Program: Apply now for coaching with successful women from the industry

You want to drive your career in the game industry and pick up valuable tips? Then you could be interested in the Xbox Mentoring program. It allows selected young talents a coaching through successful women from the gaming industry and the Xbox cosmos. If you want to attend, you should work quickly, because that only goes until the end of the week.

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Starting a Mentoring Program 101: Creating a Quality, Community-Based Mentoring Program

That’s why it works: By Sunday, the 17th of April you can still apply for the mentoring program. If you are selected, a virtual single coaching with Melek Balgün awaits you. The former professional gamer is now a successful presenter, among other things with a web magazine via video game topics. So you can use experiences in the industry’s very different areas of the industry.

How to take part: You must be at least 18 years old for participation. Each region is assigned a mentor. In the case of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as already betrayed, Melek Balgün. Here you will find the detailed conditions of participation.

To apply for you, just fill out this form. Among other things, you give your name as well as your contact details and explains in a maximum of 1000 characters why the expertise of mentor can help you.

More about the program

With the action Xbox wants to create the opportunity that experts from the game industry can pass on their knowledge of young talents. In the individual talks you can get advice for your career and let you inspire you. The program was presented to the World Women’s Day and is part of the gaming for all initiatives.

More about Melek Balgün: The mentor for our region started your career at the European E-Sport League (ESL). As a moderator, it leads through a variety of events and the web magazine “Art of Gaming”. This is a format of the German-French Cultural Transmitter ARTE. In 2018, the program was nominated for the Grimme Prize.

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