The most listened podcast engineer from Spain: Nacho Amela, the shadow of The Wild Project

When we talk about podcasts , an infinity of programs are coming to the head in this format that have tried to be references in one way or another. Large classics like the reverse or before the end of the world were the first to open a path that would give way to other programs that have become true successes for one reason or another. But if there is a podcast that has broken with all the schemes and numbers in this field has been The Wild Project .

The program created by Jordi Wild has turned out to be a real success from birth at the beginning of 2020 thanks especially to the talks and the varying guests that you can find from one day to the next: Pérez-Reverte, Ibai, Gerard Piqué or Coto Matamoros have been some of those who have visited the Wild Project microph1. But a podcast like this does not work only with Jordi’s face, but a professional is needed. It is here when we find Nacho Amela (@nachamela), the engine that makes all conglomerate of the podcast can work perfectly.

We have had the enormous pleasure of talking to Nacho about everything his travel from him in the program , beginnings, the role that has inside the podcast and even as it is at the mental level after this exponential rise of the podcast among many other things.

A long travel in the audiovisual and on YouTube

Nacho, like other many workers behind the cameras, studied something related to the audiovisual world: “ I studied film and television and at the end I was doing several in different small producers and even make my own producer with some friends; So you take care of you “. This is how during college he found a job that allowed him to have more free time. That’s when Rocío appeared ** “.

Nacho would start back in 2018 with his partner Rocío Vidal a Youtube channel, the Schrödinger Gata : “We started in a very humble way, recording with an iPhone on top of some books and several lights that were not professionally professionals. It was all more or less calm until a video put it mogollion and became super viral. That’s when we realized that the hobbie having created a YouTube channel could become something bigger than that “.

It was as a result of this that, when Jordi started the Wild Project project, Rocío spoke of his partner I needed help: “It was at that moment when she put the” semillita “of dew talking about me but It was there, it did not evolve more. ” According to Nacho, it would not be until when Jordi appealed on Twitter to work with him: “ I immediately received a message from him and from there it was all very fast : He made my profile, he liked that I knew how The platform worked. “

a growth that none expected

When we asked him about the evolution of the podcast , Nacho was not expected to be so high: “ When I have realized this growth and that the thing was going very up was from the Esland Awards “. In turn, the arrival of increasingly large guests has caused the tendency to upload has never stopped from the first program.

“When I entered the podcast, I was only a format and now you have two, an interview and another with tender S (…) This has done that everything has grown much more and you make you have a greater presence on the Internet, because Final climbs as much content and viralizes that it causes an exponential growth of everything “; Comment Nacho about the rise of podcast listeners.

How is a podcast planned?

Nacho is clear at the time of program planning; Jordi is the one that manages to the guests that go to the podcast: “ will always come people who fall well or with which he is comfortable chatting . It is something that maybe does not happen in other programs or podcast that they have more renown and bring very large people today. That yes, which is a bomb but surely he would not have wanted to bring it at some point, since after all is more a product than a person with the one to talk “

And is that if there is something that has The Wild Project that does not have others is the fact of comfort that the guests feel to be able to chat no problem: “* The people who come know that is going to chat and come to taste * . I think that’s why many guests come or want to come to the podcast, if you interview a conventional means, you know that maybe you’re going to try to look for certain tickle or ask you a question a little committed; here is not that “.

Nacho role in The Wild Project

The operation of the program is clear from the beginning: “I have my computer with all the necessary components to make the program (…) to tell the truth all this could be issued live, but we prefer not to do it so it can happen. Everything is done so that you do not have to then edit anything. I’m doing and the things that you have to insert I’m getting into this “false direct” .

At first Everything was more virtual due to the pandemic , but from time to time you could face-to-face: “I remember the first time I went with Dani the Red and I took him by car to the place. At that moment we chat And it’s like a pre / post podcast, because they tell me some crazy stories. ” Although it is true that the podcast, according to Nacho, was enormously favored during the pandemic Because everyone was at home, just as it happened with Twitch.

workloads and feedback with jordi

The Wild Project #128 ft Gerard Piqué | Catalanismo y Selección, Bartomeu, Ser un troll

When talking about comfort at his position, Nacho noticed that At the beginning, if he could be more complicated as any other work but he could finally take him forward: “I do not feel that he has an inasumable workload; the Reality is that if you have many more people around you, things come out with a plus of improvement, but sometimes it is not necessary to delegate so much. “

In turn, he says that luckily they have not had a few moments of crisis as such, since everything is going out better than I expected. When asked about communication with Jordi, he comments between laughter that “ in WhatsApp contacts, I get more than my own mother ; The feedback is very important and a very fluid communication.”

Deigning remuneration for the sector

When asked about the remuneration that he has, he says that luckily he has a good salary and does not have that economic problem. But it is true that in general, people who work in this sector do not receive a salary according to what works: “ is an industry fucked because in the end also on many occasions, if someone hires you or services of an audiovisual company, gives the feeling that everything is expensive and is overpaid “

“Previously he had some times of maximum madness in which he worked at full day at the university, he had been working with Jordi and worked with Rocío **; It was unabarcable. It was a situation I had to have because it was going to be counterproductive for me”.

A visibility that appreciates but what is needed

The theme of visibility was something that Nacho has always grateful: “ It was a figure that for some reason I began to give me ball and at the end of Jordi the pot was the pot with the theme _ Reveal _ , but I also I had a very cool one and he has already told me that sooner I’ll be out of there again. It is a way to recognize the work of who is behind. “

He commented that working with dew, yes I felt that it was not necessary to put “his signature”, but he is currently something he thinks it is obvious Add: “ If I was a content creator sure I would like to mention anyone who worked with me “.

Mental health in its position

Mental health is something we always asked, since many in this position feel a greater pressure: “ I was afraid to shit it doing something and that my activity is not as difficult as many others; yes, it requires Some dexterity to do things but it is difficult to shit it. Today it has already been a long time, my relationship with Jordi and the collaborators is almost like that of a family and right now very well. “

In turn, he told us despite the fact that he had a lot of programs, he still had pressure on: “ From the program 100, I swear I was very loose. I was very afraid to appear and from that moment I want to leave each week; It was as if I took a breastplate. “

The future of Nacho El Podcast

Nacho is one of those people who live the present, even on his work side: “ I am a very contemplative person to what is happening to me . I am leaving a little with the things that come to me and I do not know what Tell you how I will be from here at a time, but now I am very comfortable. “

“With the podcast I think I am part of something historical on YouTube with this conjunction of different people we are getting together here to chat. To think that I could approach people that I have always respected is something that I never thought happened”.

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